Withdrawal of Naturli’ Organic Spreadable

27 AUGUST 2020

For other languages: Germany, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Austria

Withdrawal of Naturli’ Organic Spreadable

Naturli’ Foods is withdrawing the product below, because there is a risk of mould growing in it, which will mean the product is unsuitable for consumption.

Affected products:

Product name: Naturli’ Organic Spreadable, 225 g
Manufacturer: Grønvang Food ApS, Vejen, Denmark.
EAN Code: 5701977550035
Best before: 24.09.2020, 07.10.2020, 20.10.2020
Sold in the following shops: Sainsburys, SUMA, Hunt’s Foodservice, Vegan Wholesaler Ltd, Waitrose

“We are very sorry that the combination of the summer heat and an apparent break in the cold chain have resulted in a risk of mould in some of the products. This is in spite of the fact that reference products (samples of the products that were sent on the market) did not show mould,” says Henrik Lund, CEO of Naturli’ Foods.

He apologises sincerely to consumers for the unpleasant experience that some of them have had with mould. Fortunately, the mould is clearly visible where it occurs. As a consumer, you will know immediately that the product must not be eaten. As a result of this episode, Naturli’ has asked the manufacturer to set up procedures to ensure that it does not happen again, and extra tests have been introduced besides the requirements of the authorities.

Advice to consumers

Consumers who have bought Naturli’ Organic Spreadable with the ‘best before’ dates shown above must discard the product if there is any sign of mould. Enquiries may be sent to Naturli’ Foods: info@naturli-foods.dk

Consumers who contact the company will be indemnified.

Photo: Naturli’ Organic Spreadable

Further information:
Henrik Lund, CEO, Naturli’ Foods, tel. +45 2361 3218, email:

NATURLI’ – now in Ukraine!

Ukraine are you ready for some plant based NATURLI’ products??

We are extremely thrilled to announce that 9 NATURLI’ products are now available in the Ukraine!?
We’ll bring you: BURGERS, MINCED, HOTDOGS, VEGAN BLOCK, SPREADABLE and 4 different ice dream flavors!?

The NATURLI’ products are sold in the following stores:

С БРОВАРЫ Киевская ул, 241, BROVARY
С ЧЕРНИГОВ 77 Гвард. дивизии ул, 1в, CHERNIHIV
С ДНЕПР-СК Екатеринославский бул, 1, DNIPRO
С ХАРЬКОВ Ак.Павлова ул, 44Б, KHARKIV
С ХАРЬКОВ Космическая ул, 23а, KHARKIV
С ХАРЬКОВ Тракторост-й пр, 59/56, KHARKIV
С ХЕРСОН Залаегерсег, 18, KHERSON
С КИЕВ Багговутовская ул. 17-20, KYIV
С КИЕВ Бассейная ул, 6, KYIV
С КИЕВ Берковецкая ул, 6, KYIV
С КИЕВ Борщаговская ул, 154а, KYIV
С КИЕВ Героев Сталинграда пр-т, 12П, KYIV
С КИЕВ Героев Сталинграда пр-т, 27Б, KYIV
С КИЕВ Героев Сталинграда пр-т, 8А, KYIV
С КИЕВ Глыбочицкая ул, 32Б, KYIV
С КИЕВ Гната Юры ул, 20, KYIV
С КИЕВ Днепровская наб. ул, 12, KYIV
С КИЕВ Днепровская набережная, 33а, KYIV
С КИЕВ Конева ул, 7, KYIV
С КИЕВ Лаврухина ул., 4, KYIV
С КИЕВ Липковского ул. 1А, KYIV
С КИЕВ Магнитогорская ул. 1А, KYIV
С КИЕВ Малевича ул, 107, KYIV
С КИЕВ Оболонский пр-т, 19, KYIV
С КИЕВ Оболонский пр-т. 1Б, KYIV
С КИЕВ Оболонский пр-т. 21Б, KYIV
С КИЕВ Победы пр-т, 24, 26, KYIV
С КИЕВ Полярная ул, 20д, KYIV
С КИЕВ Правды пр-т, 58, KYIV
С КИЕВ Спортивная пл, 1 А, KYIV
С КИЕВ Степана Бандеры пр-т, 36, KYIV
С КИЕВ Харьковское ш, 168, KYIV
С КИЕВ Ярославская ул, 56а, KYIV
С ЛЬВОВ Выговского ул, 100, LYIV
С ЛЬВОВ Гетмана И. Мазепы ул, 1Б, LYIV
С ЛЬВОВ Кульпарковская ул, 226 А, LYIV
С ЛЬВОВ Под Дубом ул, 7 Б, LYIV
С ОДЕССА Генуэзская ул, 24 Б, ODESSA
С ОДЕССА Генуэзская ул, 5, ODESSA
С ОДЕССА Маршала Жукова пр-т, 2, ODESSA
С СТОЯНКА Киевская ул, 10, STOIANKA
С ВЫШГОРОД Набережная ул, 11, VYSHHOROD
С ЗАПОРОЖ Бородинская ул, 20 Б, ZAPORIZHZHYA

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