Buddha bowl with Naturli’ Chick Free

Maybe you have noticed how popular and trendy vegan Buddha bowls have become all of a sudden? It’s all over the internet, and honestly it looks incredible! Who would have thought that such an easy recipe can be this amazing?!

The most interesting part is the reason why it’s even called a Buddha bowl. Based on Katherine Sacks’ article on history behind the Buddha bowls, it turns out that it started by Buddha walking around with his bowl to locals, accepting any type of food as a donation. Then concluding his journey with a meal with an assortment of small portions of different foods. Another definition for it comes from Urban Dictionary “a bowl which is packed so full that it has a rounded ‘belly’ appearance on the top much like the belly of a buddha.”


Likewise you can choose watercress or oregano to garnish.

Prepare the bulgur according to packet instructions.

Meanwhile fry the Naturli Chick Free in some oil or grill on a pan.

Prepare a Buddha bowl with bulgur in the bottom, top with sliced avocado, red onion rings and cherry tomato halves.

Finish with some diced cantaloupe melon and drizzle with lemon, salt and olive oil.


This might be the most flexible meal you could ever prepare. You can switch up any ingredient! To give you more ideas on your next vegan Buddha bowl:

Vary the veggies, also with preparation methods such as roasting, grillig,  boiling, steaming or sauté. You can experiment with different proteins, for instance, black beans, edamame, lentils, tofu or tempeh and many more!
Grain can also be a part which can be replaced and mixed. Rice, quinoa, farro, couscous or even cauliflower, broccoli rice? Don’t be afraid to experiment! Another important part of every vegan Buddha bowl is the sauce! It can change the flavour drastically. There are so many sauce and dressing recipes which could take your bowl to the next level. Some of the most popular ones are tahini sauce and peanut sauce, but drizzle with soy sauce or sesame oil can also make a pleasant difference! Don’t forget that something pickled in your vegan buddha bowl will make the flavour more fun and interesting. Such as pickled red onions or jalapenos are a good choice.