Michael’s Sticky Balls

Approx. 10 pieces


Melt NATURLI’ Vegan Block, 150 g chocolate and NATURLI’ Oat Cuisine together in a saucepan and stir to make a ganache. Pour the mass into a mold and refrigerate for approx. 5 hours – preferably overnight.

Chop the almonds finely – the balls will be rolled on the almonds, so they need to be fine. 

Cut the marzipan into 10. Take one and place it in the palm of your hand. Press it flat and place a small amount of the cold ganache in the middle. Fold the marzipan around and shape it to a ball. Repeat until you run out of marzipan. 

Melt the last 200 g. of chocolate over a bain-marie. Start by rolling a ball in the chocolate, when covered in chocolate roll it in the chopped almonds. Repeat with all your balls. 

Place the Christmas balls on a plate with parchment paper and refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.