Danish Christmas ‘Kringle’


1. Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm DO NOT CALL ME M_LK.

2. Add half the flour, sugar and stir. Then add salt and the rest of the flour. Let the dough knead for 4-5 minutes until you have a soft dough.

3. Cut the Vegan Block into small cubes and add them to the dough a little at a time and knead until you have a shiny, softdough again. Add a little extra flour if needed. Then place a tea towel over the bowl and let the dough rise to double its size -approx. 1 hour.

4. Prepare the remonce while the dough rises. Mix Vegan Block, sugar, marzipan, zest of orange and cinnamon together in a bowl. Set aside until you need it. It’s okay that it gets soft, it will make it easier to spread on the dough.

5. When the dough has risen, sprinkle flour on a table and roll out the dough into a rectangle. Then cut diagonal slits into the dough on the long sides. It must be cut approx. 1/3 into the dough from each side. That leaves a strip down the middle of the rectangle where the remonce can be distributed. Spread it in an even layer along the entire dough. Now you can fold the dough over the middle and thereby make the braided pattern. Alternately take a dough snip from each side so that a braid pattern is formed. Then transfer the entire ‘kringle’ onto a baking sheet. You can choose whether you want a round shape or perhaps a “rainbow”. Cover again with a tea towel and let it rise for approx. 30 minutes.

6. Spread your ‘kringle’with melted Vegan Block and sprinkle with pearlsugar.

7. Bake your ‘kringle’until golden, approx. 20 minutes, at 180°C hot air.

8. Allow the ‘kringle’ to cool slightly before serving or spoil it with a glaze made from icing sugar and juice from an orange. Bon appetite!