This easy vegan burrito is an amazing option for lunch, dinner, and even for some – breakfast. It’s a very filling meal which will leave you satisfied for a longer time, as well as convenient to pack for lunch or have it on the go.

Plant-based bean burritos can be customised in many ways, especially, if you have some specific leftovers in the fridge which could go well together in a wrap with other veggies.

Original Mexican burrito would consist of meat, but don’t worry. Our Naturli Chick Free product will be a great replacement. They are full of vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Which together with black beans give you a full meal of valuable nutrients.


Heat tortilla in a pan.
Roast NATURLI’ Chick Free on pan with oil until golden on the outside.
Mash the black beans lightly.
Remove the peel and stone from the avocado and mash the fruit.
Season with salt, pepper and chili powder, and mix with avocado mash.
Spread the black beans mash on the tortilla, then spread the avocado, boiled rice and NATURLI’ Chick Free.
Top with salsa and roll the Burrito.

To make your homemade vegan burrito even more special, you can add mixed cilantro and lime juice to the cooked rice. Many restaurants use this detail to make the veggie burritos even more delicious!

You can adjust the recipe by adding more vegetables or some extra toppings such as vegan mayonnaise, hot sauce, vegan cream.