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Jan Lund, Innovator

Naturli’ has showrooms in both the dairy and fresh meat hall at the ANUGA Food Expo, and will be displaying a unique, newly developed pea protein, as well as new products for future plant-based foods. 


The global food industry will be attending ANUGA, where they hope to spot the future in food products. That is why Naturli’ Foods will also be attending the food trade show from 5-9 October. The company will present a number of new products, e.g. their new granulated pea protein, which Naturli’ expects to dominate plant-based foods – even globally – in three to five years.

“The trade show is, and has been, an important opportunity for us to present our products globally and enter new markets. Naturli’ has roots that date back to 1988 and, until ten years ago, our products were only available in Denmark. Now our plant-based products are available in 16 markets, which is why ANUGA is an important showcase to the rest of the world”, says Henrik Lund, CEO of Naturli’ Foods.

The newly developed pea protein will resonate
This year, Naturli’ has showrooms in both the dairy and fresh meat hall at the ANUGA food fair, with new products not only in plant-based drinks and plant-based meat but also in a whole new area new: ingredients. Here, the industry can see a unique pea protein (in granular form) for the first time, which is based on European peas and which  Naturli’ Foods has developed and obtained the rights to sell globally. The development work with the pea protein has been done in collaboration with Nisco and Nakskov Mill Foods, and the pea protein will be manufactured in Denmark.

The new pea protein powder has been given the name: PEA’F 68, and it can replace textured soya protein in food. Naturli’ already uses PEA’F in their 100% plant-based products, such as their pea-based sausages, The Burger and Chick Free.

A first mover – even with ingredients
“At Naturli’ Foods, we are known as first movers within plant-based foods for consumers – even from an international perspective. We were the first company to bring out fresh, plant-based mince in our refrigerator counter. We have been working behind the scenes for a long time, becoming masters at natural ingredients – green raw materials. Our newly developed pea protein is the world’s strongest, and has an enormous market potential on a global scale”, says Henrik Lund.

He expects the new pea protein to globally dominate plant-based foods within three to five years. He justifies the product’s potential on the fact that pea protein is extremely rich in protein and free from both GMO and gluten. Naturli’s pea protein excels via its unique characteristics with regards to texture, and the resistance you experience when chewing a food product that contains the pea protein.

The demand for proteins in general has risen in the global market, and it will continue to rise significantly in the coming years in keeping with the global growth in population. Moreover, the market’s demand for plant-based foods is currently rising dramatically.

“Strategically, this is a big and important step for us, and we are progressing from being a food company alone, to assuming the rights of such an important  protein as the granulated pea protein. We expect that global food companies, such as Impossible Food and Beyond Meat, will become future customers of Naturli’ Ingredients”, Henrik Lund states.

Therefore, he expects the new pea protein to attract a lot of attention at ANUGA.

Important for the planet
Beyond only a commercial interest, Naturli’ Fods also regards the new pea protein as a landmark from a societal perspective.

“Mother earth is working overtime, because we use more resources than nature can supply, and more than the planet can produce. The manufacture of foods alone is responsible for a quarter of man-made CO2 emissions – for which animal production is mainly responsible. And it will only become worse, in keeping with the fact that there will be more mouths to feed. Therefore, there is need for a food revolution, in which we reorganise our food to become far more plant-based. From that perspective, our development of the new pea protein is an incredibly large step in the right direction”, says Henrik Lund.

Naturli’ Foods will be attending the ANUGA trade show with a number of new products, e.g. their new granulated pea protein, which Naturli’ expects to dominate plant-based foods – even globally – in three to five years time.

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