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NATURLI’ Oat Cuisine

Oat yeah!

Give a round of applause for the NATURLI’ Organic Oat Cuisine. Plant based, creamy as never before and based on oats.
Use NATURLI’ Oat Cuisine to make creamy pasta, in a spicy Chick Free curry or in your soup for a delicious, creamy finish.


Water, rapeseed oil*, OAT* (9,3 %), rice flour*, pea protein*,
fava bean protein*, sea salt, emulsifier (lecithin*), white
pepper*, stabilizers (guar gum, gellan gum).

Nutritional content per 100g

  • Energy 711 kJ / 170 kcal
  • Fat14,5 g
    • – of which saturates 1,2 g
  • Carbohydrate 6,8 g
    • – of which sugars2,2 g
  • Fiber 0,6 g
  • Protein 2,1 g
  • Salt 0,1 g