- Naturli' -

Hazelnut Crusted Chunks
Ice Dream

Naturli’ Hazelnut Crusted Chunks

Delicious creamy oat-based ice cream with a deep, rich taste of Italian hazelnuts mixed with chopped, caramelised hazelnuts. Naturli’, the ice dream is 100% plant-based, soft and creamy and can be scooped directly from the freezer.

Golden bars

Oats have been cultivated in Denmark for many centuries and beautiful oat fields are a well-known sight in the Danish countryside. Oatmeal and porridge are traditional breakfast items in many Danish homes and have been so for many decades, since oats are high in fibre and nutrition.

We love clean water

Did you know that the production of meat, milk and eggs are the main reasons for water polution in the world?

Source: Danish Vegeratian Society

List of ingredients

63% oat drink (water, OATS (12%), sunflower oil, chicory fibre, sea salt), sugar, dextrose,
5.7% HAZELNUT paste, 4.8% nutbrittle (HAZELNUT, sugar), coconut oil, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of
vegetable fatty acids), stabilizers (locust bean gum, guar gum).

Nutritional content per 100 g

Energy 929 kJ / 222 kcal

Fat 11 g – of which saturated fat 5,4 g

Carbohydrate 28 g

-of which sugar 25,5 g

Protein 1,3 g

Sodium 0,05 g